Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Weekend Plans!

Yeap, as you can see, I bought a new phone here just a few days back. It was the Sony Ericsson K530c. Now, you won't be getting that model from Malaysia because, Malaysia's version will be K530/K530i.

This thing costs me RMB 1000, which is about RM 500. Ah, perhaps I had already become a big water fish. Who cares. This phone gotta stuck with me for a damn long time.

Comparison of K530c from China with my W810i from Malaysia

I had done a bit of comparison, I like the new one more because it's much faster, compared to an older ones but, in the camera function, I definitely still like my W810i even though it is not functioning that well enough, but it still gives me that Macro mode and focusing that I want.

Okay, let's skip the phone and let's go to my plan for this weekend!

I will working full day like usual on Saturdays. So I guess I will be home about 6pm, latest, hopefully. Then I will take a bath and go down to KLCC to snap some pictures, take some Sakae Sushi, buy one Roti Boi before I go home.

On Sunday, I will wake up early and go down to 1U to catch some movies like Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, and Taking of Pelham 123 and oh ya, Ice Age 3! Okay.. so that's a movie marathon.

Oh wait. I forgot that I'm in China.

Home...... alone.


Më| §zë said...


it's difficuly the first few months, i guess...
you'll probably find people to go out with later on..?


Anonymous said...

oh man...u can alwiz go out! go see see la...dun hide urself at home...

henry yeoh said...

lonely guy !!!haiz...

Ewin Ee said...

y didnt get the CHINA IPHONE or NOKLA


it would be awesome la! haha

buttercup said...

hahaha... i doubt so. LOL! cos.. i'm shy de.

haha.. maybe this sunday i might venture far a bit.


hahaha.. initially i planned to get a BLOCKBERRY of which, Obama was the spokeperson. but, budget takrak ma. hahaha... this phone i bought took away half of the money i brought here.. still got so many days till the following month...

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Oh my, I was almost convinced you were back until I saw the last part...*sigh*
Sorry that I didn't manage to call you before you left to China..

buttercup said...

Hey hey ShinD! hahaa.. worry not. i'm still here. hahaha.. I was convinced too that im' back to malaysia until.... the last part. T____T

Jun Xue said...

Buttercup! your blog is alive!

Sorry I didn't cal you before you left as well. Well actually, I didn't plan to call you at all.

haha anyways, enjoy your life in china!

duo said...

haha if u really did prepare to go to klcc in china means good lo. u can always see got pirated klcc or not? maybe its called TKCC? tk= tiong kok

Kiwi said...

lol...swt...i was reli confused b4 i finished reading the post...u got me~ LOL>.<

buttercup said...

LOL! wtf, well, anyway, I didn't expect you would have the intention to call anyway. I was expecting ONLY GALS will call. Muahahaahah! jk jk!

hahaahaha... dun have la! LMAO!

hahahaha! You've got me~ no need to wonder why~ Opps, off topic. haha.

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