Saturday, July 04, 2009

I Drank. I Drunk. I Vomitted. I Learnt.

I was drunk. Not very drunk, but drunk. Head was heavy. Legs were light. Every step feels like stepping on cloud nine.

Drinking, getting a little high, is fun. BUT, you won't want to feel the feeling on the next day. It's not fun, not a bit.

Reached home yesterday about 1.34am, vomitted at 2.01am. Great. Drop dead and slept. Woke up at 7am. Experienced headache. Thristy. Butterfly stomach.

No fun. But great experience. Never gonna get drunk again.


marccus said...

take good care there ar, kenny.

hey, link my blog new URL will ya? XD

Wen-Dick said...

T__________________T! Noob dao...

buttercup said...

marccus: ok! will get it done when i reach there. the connection here here is very slow.

wen-dick: zzz.

loon said...

gonna fly d rite?

good luck la...

happy working

Rachel AY said...

hor hor!! you naughty boy !
take care aight kenny !!

Wingz said...

eh i thot u said blogspot is blocked in chungcock?

Hurley said...

it's not that bad...wait till you wake up and realise u forgot to use a condom one day! =P

MyKy said...

get drunk, get laid.


buttercup said...

hahaha.. as i'm reading this, you already know i'm in china! mauahaahah!

hahaha.. you naughty gal also!

lol! this post was posted in Penang ma. and, like you knew, it was blocked, but proxy's good. muahahah!

ahh... wtf!

hahahaa.. aint gonna drink. so ain't gonna get laid.

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