Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sony Alpha New Series + Dilemma

Some people asked me, "Why did you love to take pictures so much?".

I said to them, "It's because, I would like to show the world, from what I see".

What many people did was, take up the camera and go trigger-happy, shoot shoot shoot, and in the end when they go back and put into their PC, they realised that many many of the pictures are spoilt, and meaningless. Photography is not something simple and easy, if you really start to shoot with your heart, not your eyes.

I got my DSLR in April 2008 and, I had been like trigger-happy shooting for a few months and in the end when people see my pictures, they realised, there's nothing in it. Hence, I took more time to look into others' pictures and I slowly, find out how to take a better picture. It is a long-term learning process and it never ends.

Just as you are being motivated by my words, you might have the passion to take pictures but you never know if you should, ever invest in a DSLR. Let me tell you the answer. Go ahead and get an entry level DSLR. It need not to be too good, neither too low-end. Get a middle entry level DSLR and you will be able to discover more in the world of photography.

People! Just in case you don't know, Sony had come out with a new series of new DSLRs. If you're looking to buy a handy + user friendly DSLR, Sony has got them all. They had come out with Alpha DSLR 330 (A330), A380, A500, A550, and A800!

These Sony Alpha DSLRs catered for the many needs from amateur up to a professional levels. To have a better insight of these cameras, you may visit here and here for more reviews and information.

All I have to say now is, Happy Shooting!


On the other hand, I am currently having a dilemma, I supposed. I need to know:

What are the skills/knowledge that I need/lacking of right now? Help me to figure this out.

Love you guys!


loon said...

it's very hard to find the mouse when you put totally black background lo... because the mouse colour totally blended with the background colour d... very hard to click links you posted...

can change ar?? o.O

buttercup said...

o.O. haha. i suggest you should get ur eyes checked.

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