Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saint Peter Won't Call My Name - Oh Who Would Ever Want To Be King?

I don't know why but I love this song. It seems to be representing me now, best.

Lyrics here.


buttercup fansi said...

i love dis song either =)

buttercup said...

very long din hear from this fansi d. haha.

amy-da-great said...

Loved the song as well..

Very deep lyrics and beautiful melody. Awesome shit. haha

*I do hear the Catholic choirs singing* =D

buttercup said...

hahah.. i tot is Roman Calvary? aa.. i dunno. lol!

and really, i love this song for god sake! haha.. i had been playing it like whole day long for 2 days d?

Min Soon said...

Hoi asshole nah check my IP there u go proof that I'm not hiding somewhere in Msia afraid to show my face.

So long liow u still dun believe me ? I expected better of you, Kennyyyyyy. :(

buttercup said...

Malaysia's IP aren't static and it changes every single time! Plus, malas wanna check ur IP.

Just keep in touch la. u got facebook or not?

Min Soon said...

Even if the IP dynamically change, the location it originates from DOES NOT CHANGE !!

And no I don't use facebook.... dun be so kepoh la lol. xD

buttercup said...

see.. hiding his tails and trails! lol!

hwuezuin said...

addictive song. love it too!

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