Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Passed Away

Michael Jackson when he was younger, in black

OMFG! Our Pop King has passed away! (credits to Yahoo!)

The news was confirmed by the L.A. Times that Michael Jackson has passed away at the age of 50 in the L.A. Hospital.

From the sources I heard from the radio today morning, it seems that Michael Jackson suffered from a cardiac infraction (heart attack) and went into a coma before he pass away.

He had been such a legend to every single one of us. No matter you like, or don't like his songs, either the paedophile cases, or, his legendary stories will make him known to you. Thriller, MoonWalk. Everything.

I grew up in the King's Era and I remembered watching a lot of his documentaries and stories via the TV. It was really really really shocking to hear that he passed away.

Michael Jackson performing on the stage

Michael Jackson, may you rest in peace.

*Pictures credit to Yahoo!Images.


Riku_sien said...

yeah...i was stunned by the news also this morning...
Loved his songs SO SO much.....
*starts playing 'heal the world'*


buttercup said...

T_T.... i remember the video he changed into jaguar... thriller if im not mistaken.

today pergi penang la~ 6th or 7th only flying. haha.

Stanley said...

I was in shock too. Really pity the way he died, with all the child molestation charges and the media portraying him as a freak.

Wingz said...

eh the day MJ died is the day u leaving KL ... wuah ..

buttercup fansi said...

ooi..u left jo??..take flight in penang a??..dun have chance to say goodbye one more time matter how...bring back me diamond den ok jo..2k diamond..thanks ya..haha..

by the way..michael jackson RIP la..not suk wit him..

All the Best Bro!!Yat Lou Shun Fung!! =)

buttercup said...

yeah.. he was an icon... that has fallen. but he still stands strong, like the rest before him in our heart.

=.=... WTF...

buttercup fansi:
hahaha.. arigato.. no la drove up to Penang with parents. now online from a restaurant nearby.

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