Sunday, February 01, 2009


Long awaited update! Haha! First of all, Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Been to Penang and some house visiting. Let the pictures do the talking.

1: Reunion Dinner

2: Dishes

3: Great Grandma

4: Dad

5: Grandma

6: Past Glory








13: This chicken rice damn nice can? RM 3.30 only during CNY! Where to find!!! Penang la!

14: This curry fish also damn nice!



Then after coming back from Penang, we have a little bit of house visiting. Starting from Picture 17 until 31, 99% aren't taken by me. I think I don't have pictures of See Wah(don't cry k?).

17: Wei Chiew
I like the feel in this picture

18: Li Ern

19: Li Wei aka Lily aka Ketam

20: Jayne

21: Mei Ching

22: Pei Sze

23: Su Sien

24: Tiong Soon
"Time to use my ulti.... Let me meditate first"

25: Goldfish

26: Kambing

27: Ah Pau

28: Dai Siu Je

29: Cacing

30: "Peace!"

31: And we had some socialising and Mathematics session

On Thursday morning, my family and I had some family potraits thingy. Mom wanted to do this for a long time already since I got my DSLR. So, time to do it! Visit here for more pictures.

32: Happy Family

15 comments: / Rei said...

Haa, penang =P too bad this year i didn't go back...keke, nice series there ~

buttercup said...

hehe.. thanks! penang actually not a good time to go also. Jam like hell.. especially the bridge there.

theng said...

pict 31 - "mathematics session"...YEA RIGHT~....hehe...i like your family portrait...very family feel...*duh*

永遇乐 said...

Happy Family ^@^~
Take good care of Li Ern ar

buttercup said...

hehe.. ya la.. counting points ma.. lol!

chad: o.O!!!

mini said...

gosh picture 32 shows creativity! nice pic :) ur bro so much taller than u laa

Riku_sien said...

UWaa..your family photo so nice! XD
(wahliu...why my pic so..'yeng' wan..LOL...haha...)

HAPPY CNY BTW!!! (babi my money summore say mathematic session.....)

chuck said...

Happy cny and Happy holiday

buttercup said...

hehe.. yeah he's much taller since he started playing basketball.

heheh... i got win a lot from you meh? >.<

Happy CNY to you too!

The Malaysian Explorer said...

nice photo essay. seems like someone's got black jack!

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for quick facts and interesting information about Malaysia.

Visit Penang Page for quick facts and interesting information about Penang.

Visit About ME Page for quick facts and interesting information about The Malaysian Explorer.

smiley said...

Very nice family portrait !!

buttercup said...

The Malaysian Explorer:

thanks! ^^

Riko said...

Oooh Kenny...u balik Penang never call me out!! *cekik Kenny* love wat ur bro did to ur dad's head in da last family pix...kaka...

buttercup said...

hahaha.. gomennasai... i was kinda tied up with things and family's schedule. barely had time for myself too. haha.. if next time i go down to penang myself maybe we can meet up then. ^^

kiwi said...

hey....i LOVE ur family picture!! hope i can get 1 lk tat too family seldom get to take whole family pics ler...

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