Sunday, February 22, 2009


Went out for some shooting in UTAR today for an event to come for advertising purposes XD!

At interval breaks, took some shots of Elle, the Chairperson of the upcoming event.



3: Shooting Elle shooting me



6: Sneak Peak of the advertising materials. Due to some copyright thingy, so far you can only get to see this lo. Stay tuned for the post to come ya!

7: The models and photographers and the organisers went to makan

8: I like this one best!

And I really love my lense. It gives me damn nice bokeh. Muahahah!


I Is Novil, And You Is Tarzan. said...

i like picture number 1 best too.. :D

Kelvin Low said...

Is it D90 that Elle was holding?

buttercup said...

haha.. yeah yeah!

er... i dunno.. LOL! I'm not nikon user. lol!

loon said...

i like all the picture.....

drooling... D=

lolz... elle is a leng lui...

where is all the leng chais?!?!?! kenny you perver-to!

buttercup said...

hahah.. the guys are coming up soon. but i can only post them after the er..... 7th of March.
and got more gals also actually. haha!

elle said...

it's D80.

elle said...

hey kenny, i asked them alr..only xiao qian pics cant be used as she doesn't want her pic publicize on blog or for your own collection. she's d gal in d poster, front row, center. ps take note abt it ya. coz i really sayang and protect my models :)

as for the publicity, u cn grab d poster from my blog and help me publicize if u want to. but, strictly for utarian only ya. Tq =)

Jiaqi said...

my hair clip!!! lol! :)

buttercup said...

oo.. okay okay~ no problem~

haha... u can recognise o! haha! welcome to my blog!

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