Friday, February 13, 2009

3-Day Thaipusam Coverage

So, like many of you knew, I had lost my wallet to Thaipusam, and up to now, it costs me about RM 800 plus (and still counting). Finally, I got everything done and, here I am, posting what I supposed to do long long long ago. FYI, this is the first time I'm really becoming an Indian and followed the events for 3 days.

The 7 of us gathered at Pasar Seni LRT station and we walked to Kuil Marianam (if I'm not mistaken) to take pictures whereby the Chariot will be leaving from Jalan Tun HS Lee to Batu Caves, on foot.

We went in there and have some shooting.

Day 1: 06th February 2009, 2030 hours, Marianam Temple (Shoes must be removed before entering this temple)

1: They had their prayers and stuffs with instuments

2: We met a Chinese devotee

And we continued shooting some stuffs and suddenly, this Chinese devotee, Ban Howe actually warn us: "You should put your shoes into a plastic bag and keep it in your bag. I had lost my shoes here before."

o.O!! Damn! Now only he tell. Feeling unwell, I went and checked all of our shoes placed outside the temple. It was a mess. I went back to them.

"I only saw 1 side of my shoes. The other side dunno go where already."

We decided to find them only later after shooting here. We carried on until everything is ready for the Chariot to leave the temple.

"Please God oh please! Let me find my shoes please! I don't want to go barefoot as it's the only pair of shoes I have!", I was keeping my eyes opened wide and, I found my shoes! "Haha! I got back my shoes le! How about you guys?"

Suddenly, something striked my mind. I immediately checked for my wallet. It's gone. It was only about a minute ONLY I offguard and, that's the end of my wallet. With no choice, I had to leave my team to report to a police station nearby and they kept on shooting. I learned something from this:
1) Pick pocket is always bloody fast and you don't really feel them.
2) It is best if you don't bring your wallet at all!

And I got myself a contact in Dang Wangi Police Station. Hehe! Oh ya, you know, when we do report and we need RM 2.00 to print the report? I actually had no money and this Inspector Izani actually donated RM 2.00 for me to print the report.

Malaysia government is really stupid enough. Police's salary isn't high. Snatch theif victims or victims like me are there EVERYDAY. How many RM 2.00 can an Inspector donate all the time? And it's really donation. They can't claim it back. PDRM should had waived off the RM 2.00 and get the sponsorship from those YBs who had thicker pockets.

Moving on!

Day 2: 07th February 2009, 1000 hours, Batu Caves

3: This devotee is in his trance state

4: Waiting for the arrival of Chariot

5: Some of them really really enjoying it

5: In this picture, it's actually a husband and wife carrying something with sugar cane. Give a rough guess what is the thing that they are carrying? Their baby. If you see couples carrying sugar canes, it means that they had married for quite some time but had not been granted with a baby before this. Now that they are granted with child, it's time for them to actually pay back their vows to their Gods.

6: They have street dance too!

7: I like this guy's expression

8: Me!

9: This girl looks like you-know-who-you-are-la. Haha! They are carrying fresh cow milk in that silver jar

10: Arrival of Chariot

11: Babies being blessed by the God

We went back to Gowri's uncle's place to have a short break and then we follow Hao Wei's friend, Deva's Kavadis.

12: Preparation

13: We had a little bit time to camwhore. I also just realised it's fun!

14: We interviewed Deva right before he carried his Kavadis

15: Ninja in action! Okay, I was joking, not being offensive okay? I'll explain in the next picture

16: Those yellow cloth acts like a seal. If you cover your mouth, you must not speak until it's taken off; if you cover your eyes, you must not see light until you're told to take it off too!

17: Praying before carrying the Kavadis

18: He may now speak and pray

19: That sharp thingy is called a Veil. Veil is a symbol for knowledge

20: Deva's Kavadis is one of the biggest, together with his height, it's about 16-feet tall

21: Nestle actually give out this free drink at their booth for 2 days. This is what they called Moora. It's fresh milk with yogurt, and curry leaves with onions. It is really really delicios and healthy at the same time!

22: This one might look scary for some people

23: Devotees and visitors moving up and down Batu Caves

24: This is the view from the inside of the cave. This is really sardine-ly packed

Day 3: 08th February 2009 [Actual day of Thaipusam], 0500 hours, Batu Caves

25: This is the one of the methods they pay back their vows and respects by having bells, fruits or even milk in jar poked into their body. In their believes, if you had done your fasting well (45 days without cheating), you will not bleed. But if you DID NOT fast well enough, or the God thinks that you're not qualified enough to carry the Kavadis, one will bleed when all the poking thingy starts. And, it seems to be true after we following so many Kavadis carriers for so many days. Something's out there. Don't play-play.

26: Loga's dad and Loga helping out his brother to put on the bells

27: Veil in the tongue

28: Photographers risking themselves to take a good shot from bird eye's view

29: This guy also in his trance state on the way to Batu Caves

30: Not only the guys, but some women too, carry Veils

31: I had been working closely with RTM to do interviews. Joking. Haha!

32: Beautiful Korean lady with her kid, and her husband (refer to the picture on top)


34: Someone actually had a small protest in Batu Caves for the BN took-over in Perak


36: Camwhore again!

37: There's this group of people actually gives out free food for all devotees EVERY SINGLE YEAR in a canteen in Batu Caves. Of course, we got to eat too even though we are not devotees. Ngek ngek!

38: The only "Superman" I saw for that 3 days. Now, normally you see people carries a Kavadis(refer picture 20), but this one, Kavadis carry the person. This is what they called as "Flying Kavadis". Click to enlarge. He doesn't seems to be in pain, at all.

39: Group shot(too messy liao, I dunno how to tag. I'll tag in Facebook k?)

40: I think I grew thinner! XD!


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