Saturday, February 21, 2009

For Our Next Generation

Grrrhhh.. Didn't realised that those pictures are not focused. Nevermind about those.

Today, am here to promote a little thingy here to make our Earth a little bit cleaner. I believe that many of you do take fast foods rite? Especially McD. So now, here's a little suggestion for you how to make our Earth greener when you're eating McD.

Use whatever things that is available as container for sauces. Save a plastic, save a world.

p/s: The moment you're reading this (2130 hours, 21/02/09), I am still at a wedding dinner working as photographer. This is updated automatically hahaha! Finally I know how to use it. XP


Jun Xue said...

whoa.. updated automatically.. usefull for suicidal messages. LOL

Më| §zë said...

hear hear!!!
go green!
go blue!
go red!
just teasing you...

chuck said...

how you updated auto one?

buttercup said...

yeah yeah! dangerous! LOL!


just at the "posting option" put the time and date, when you're composing can d.

duo said...

nono buttercup.. u should just bring ur own box to eat the stuff and sauce rather than use their PAPER. lolx.

Anonymous said...

yoyo.. i tot u curi tulang on dat day.. auto update la..icic.. if not i tell my sis.. haha.. u knw who i am><

buttercup said...

zzz.. u can do that the next time. haha. wat i'm trying to adress is, that is something at least we can do, at the MINIMUM to make our Earth greener.

haha.. i took me a while to guess le.. hahaha.. SF rite?

MyKy said...

i put sauce on tissue paper :p

buttercup said...

tissue paper LOL! NOT GOOD idea. LOL!

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