Saturday, July 14, 2007


Great!! Is this the inner me? I don't think so!

Hey peeps, any say?

Your Ideal Relationship is Polyamory

You want to have your cake... and everyone else's.
Which isn't a bad thing, if everyone else gets to eat too!
You're too much of a free spirit to be tied down by a traditional relationship.
You think relationships should be open and free, with few restrictions.


MyKy said...

No u don't deserve anyone at all u pig. Go stay single and don't touch girls. If u feel horny can go stick yourself into a wall.

buttercup said...

lolz!!! hahaah! you must have eaten some chili! come tell me, what's wrong? someone bullied you?

Esther said...

doesn't sound like you at all. i always think that you'd be the traditional type

buttercup said...

haha! i am the traditional type didnt i?

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