Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of BKK & Malaysia

It's like one post per month? Still not too bad, at least it's still alive, LOL. I'll try to snap more pictures and put it up here, alright?

1. Last 2 weeks, went to MBK and meet Mike and friends. They are heading for the Motor Show while me just wandering around the town. 

2. I was a little early so I did some street shot. 

3. Playing with long shutter.

4. Another try. Could be better if the sky is darker, I think. 

5. Sunset in BKK town.

6. There's this tut-tut outside the MBK main entrance. One of the popular attraction. 

7. Kau ka mu - Pork leg rice, one of the local delicacy, yummy!

8. Fried oyster with egg. Look at the size of the oyster compared to what we have in Malaysia! 

9. Mango sticky rice, another local delicacy! 

10. Forgot what they called this, but it's made from yellow bean/soy bean

11. The next day I woke up, with the word "shopping" in my mind! For once, I got hyped up to shop! So right after my Thai language class, I went and grab my lunch. 

12. Slrrrup! Sadly, I went home empty handed. I just couldn't find the things I want. =(

13. Of course, on the 9th April, after a per-Songkran celebration, I rushed to the airport. I noticed that, at many places, flights to LCCT via AirAsia, always placed somewhere the furthest in the airport. Always. 

14. Carriene!

15. CK!

16. Wen-Dick! Thanks thee three for celebrating with me!! Thanks for the cake too!

17. And I don't understand why this thing costs RM 10.00 =.=

18. Jayne & Karin

19. The infamous Tomm Kruise, Ngiam

20. Jayne doing the ghost face XD

21. See Wah

22. See Wah with her drink and phone while Pauline peeking from the side.

23. Jun Kit

24. Ngiam, me and the Old Town guy. Opps, I mean Kam. 

25. The girls

26. The Old Town guy at rage. 

27. Thanks for the cake!! XD


29. Older 1 year le.. 




Hopefully I can get to shoot more and post up more! =D

1 comment:

layyen said...

not only airasia, even mas. cause malaysians being malaysians. too kiam siap to pay for the use of the nearer gates. hence, it's always the furthest. just my thoughts. haha

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