Saturday, April 16, 2011

Of Thai & Malaysia Part II

Well, story goes on.

1. So, we meet up in 1U and have lunch together. This is one good meal! At 50% off, and it's filling! 

2. A group shot at lunch. 
L-R: YC, Jane, Anne, CW, Ray, Me


4. After I got home, then only I realised that Jane is a celebrity! OMG. Haha. Camwhored outside Neway KTV. 

5. YC & Ray looked on the menu.




9. Another shot in the KTV room before I leave. 

10. On the very same night, I meet up with Sim Mei & Esther. The 3 of us were too lazy to move around for a group shot, so this is what we do. LOL. 

11. Lunch on the next day, I met Vivian. She came along with Ashley.

12. Meet Ashley. It's the first time I'm meeting her since I've known her from Friendster about 10 years ago. 

13. Another gathering on the night. 

14. With all my mates from uni. 
L-R: Me, Nick, Min San, Beverly, MayOoi, Siew Li, Stella, EeVon & Jia Jen.

15. One of the evening shot.

16. Dinner earlier today. Flying off again to lonely land tomorrow. 

17. Behind the scene

18. Teacher Anne gave us a lot of homework too. 

Like I said, I'm flying off tomorrw. Time is just not enough eh? Appreciate what we have at the moment and do what we can at the moment. Don't wait. =)

For those whom I failed to meet up, I'll try to arrange again in the next home coming. =D

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