Sunday, March 06, 2011

Boy to Man: Monk

According to the Thai's culture, in order for a boy to turn into a man, becoming a monk is part of the process. Becoming a monk in this stage has got one important message: That is, to thanks the parents for raising him from boy to man. They normally become a monk for a period of about 15 days.

I am honoured to have a chance to witness part of the process of the ceremony as I was invited to my colleague's spiritual ceremony. It was about 2-hour journey from Survanabhum airport. We reached there about 12pm and then, the ceremony begun.

1. Family members and relatives were invited to help the boy to cut the hair. It's the honour of the boy to receive blessings from his family and relatives this way. 


3. There were loud musics playing all along and some people dance too!


5. Khun Nu helped to cut his hair too. 



8. The grandmother gave her blessings too. 




12. Experienced shaver shaving the head...

13. ...while the relatives looked on.

14. Sometimes... misharps happened too. 



17. After they get dressed, senior monk is ready to give his words of wisdoms and guidance. 

18. They listened tentatively. 

19. We then went for lunch. First time seeing such a big Coke glass bottle!

20. We went to a market near the border of Thai-Combodia... iPhoine spotted. For 2300 baht. 

21. I was ONE kilometer away from Combodia.

22. We then went back for dinner after shopping at the market. The family of the boy who are about to be a monk, treats everyone dinner. 

23. It's a big hall, with 40 tables. 

24. A quick snap!

25. Pictures taken during the afternoon were effectively produced into bantings.

26. Honourable people and family were invited to the stage to give some speech. OF COURSE, right after these there were entertainers to perform on stage too. 
27. My shot. 

It's feeling good to be able to start blending around. But I still need to learn to speak Thai as soon as possible or else, it'll be really difficult for me to blend even more.


Anonymous said...

iPhoine LOL

I really enjoy these entries as we learn more about the different cultures and see different things.. Quite envious that you get to experiences these things already... :(

PS: This is Beverly :P

buttercup said...

LOL. Yes it's really fun to experience all these! haha.. when you want to come visit me?

Anna said...

Anonymous said...

the big Coke glass bottle, I saw a video showing workers refilling coke into these bottles...these bottles are being reuse..kful

buttercup said...


Hahahaha.... hmmm. I'lll be careful. Haha. I think i'm fine at the moment LOL. But seriously, outside the glass bottle is actually kind of dirty, but well. Life goes on. haha.


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