Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little updates from Thai.

Sawadeekap! Well, the update's a bit too slow but still, I finally have a little bit of time to keep my blog alive.

My first time using the SMART Tunnel, thanks to Wei Chun.

1. First up, peeps that I've met during CNY. 

2. I was on my way to Thailand already. Looking familiar

3. The second or third day I'm in BKK, my cousin brother Thomas brought me to one of the mountain whereby 释迦牟尼佛 used to have His teaching. Look at those 4WD's. It started with a thrilling ride up the mountain (half of the mountain) and if you're not careful, any single time you can just bounce out from the back seats. 

4. It started with prayers at the middle of the mountain, and it continued ALL THE WAY UP to the highest point. 

5. I stopped by at side to catch this shot. 


7. A dimmed light shined the way for prayers.


9. Due to some "inside connection", we got to go up the mountain once we arrived. HOWEVER, those other people, might have to wait half a day or more just to get a place to reach the mid-check point of the mountain. Thousands of people stopped at the side for a rest before continue hiking/decending. 

10. 3/4 check point. And it's about 3am. 

11. 7/8 Check point. This is where 释迦牟尼佛 sat back then. 

12. The big frame of the right is actually a potraiture of Thai King. 

13. After another 800m hike, I've finally decending. It was about 5am. Look at the crowd.


15. On the decending path, there are stalls selling lotteries. 

16. Break of dawn.

17. About 6.30am, we had finally reached our transportation again. Look at the tip top of the mountain on the left, there was where I were. 

18. This, is the evening view from my office @ 6th floor. 

19. I was placed to stay with my colleague, Aod for a few days before getting my accomodation ready. Sunset view from his balcony.

20. Still, I missed this most. =) 

First time I'm seeing Waiters & Waitress dancing during peak hours in restaurant. MK Restaurant is a big brand in Thailand.

Had finally started working about 1 week. It's kind of okay still, but a lot of things to be learnt. The biggest problem of all is that, I can't speak Thai, yet. Like the saying goes, "The fastest way to pick up a foreign language is to get a local girlfriend".

**There are a few things I noticed in Thai & people.

1) I travelled to work in a "Song Diao", it's something like a small bus. No matter you're a guy or a girl, as long as  you're carrying a child, you will be given seat even if the "Song Diao" is packed like sardine can.

2) They are actually very nice people to talk to.

3) So far I still can't converse in Thai but of the things I've heard in their conversation, you can hardly raise your voice when you're speaking Thai. It just "doesn't allow" you to raise your voice, in a way.

More updates coming soon, I hope. =)

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Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting and also intriguing. I have never been to Thailand so all the information your sharing I am (kinda) gagging over. Thanks for updating about your journey- continue to be informative and good luck with the language.


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