Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lotus Shooting (2)


Woke up about 5-ish today. The weather doesn't seemed to be good but, heck cares, I continued shooting. Not too many pictures today... perhaps it was me who are not concentrating enough.

1. 感觉上好像用Photoshop加上去的,但是这是真材实料!
It felt like superimposed with Photoshop but, this is real shot!


3. Faith

4. (Sorry, I don't know how to translate into English, LOL)

5. 哦!我突然间发现到这只东西!看起来有点象《口袋怪兽》的Omanyte。
Oh, I suddenly noticed this while I was shooting. It looks like Omanyte from Pokemon! 

p/s: 好睏啊!I am very sleepy!


Jacquelyn Ho said...

osum picture! i like!

buttercup said...

Thanks a lot Jac!

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