Sunday, April 04, 2010

WuZhou Tea Festival

Not too long ago, my boss and I went to an exhibition called the "WuZhou Tea Festival". In this exhibition, it exhibits all kind of tea leaves from all over the place (not inclusive of Europe countries of course). Let's see what's inside.

Actually, I did not take too many pictures because, nothing much that interests me.  XD

2. Always full of people

3. My boss reading a description of a kind of tea that is rare. Enlarge to read too if you know mandarin.

4. Tea testing sessions

5. Toys

6. Tea pots

7. OH! This tea leaves costs RM 980/kg! Expensive?

8. This tea at the most right, costs RM 15000/kg. Hmmmmm....

9. We spotted some not-so-chinese-tea-related-decorations.

Doing business in this kind of exhibition is very easy actually. The better you can blow water, the better your sales is. Simple as that!

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