Sunday, April 04, 2010

My First Wedding Dinner In WuZhou

About 2 weeks back, I attended my first wedding dinner in WuZhou. The groom's dad is my supplier here. That dinner can be considered as a big thing there. They occupied the big hall with proly 40 tables (and still not enough), and we (my boss) were a bit late so we were arranged to be seated in a smaller room some where baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack there.

Anyway, I managed to take a few shots before the dinner started. Enjoice!

1. Bride: "Aiya, faster pick it up!"

2. The Brother, Groom & Bride



5. When you walk into the hall, they gives you some sweets, some fruits, nuts.



8. They even hired a band



11. Oh, something that we don't see in Malaysia. They offer cigarattes at the entrance too!


13. Entrance decoration

14. I like this deco very much.


The end. Also, it's the night the mission failed.

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