Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today, I am proud to tell you that, I AM PROUD OF MYSELF!

The story:

These few days I had been starting to push myself  to move my ass more rather than just sitting in front of my laptop and Facebook 24/7. My weight had been really pushing it to the edge of 100kg already. LOL. A few days back, I weight about 98.5kg. Hmmmm... THAT'S A LOT.

So I started a little bit of exercise like push ups. It had been at least 2 years I never did any push ups, so I thought, giving it 15 at a time for a few days should be good. IT IS DIFFICULT.. after resting so many years not moving a muscle. I always almost give up when it reaches 10. But the inner coach screaming at me, yelling at me and asked me to finished it. I did.

Today morning, like usual, I did another 15. Suddenly, I saw ray of light shining into my house! It had been daysssssss I missed sunlight as the weather here is kind of terrible! This is it. I am going for hiking at Baiyun Mountain! My initial plan was to hike until half (so called half way) and snap some pictures then go home and rest.

I had been staying here for almost 10 months and I had NEVER CLIMBED TO THE PEAK of that mountain. I believe it's about 800m or higher but lesser than 1000m in height. There's no map. No altitude sign. People said it's not too high. So I thought to myself, "Why not give it a try?".

And together with me, I brought my wife along (about 5kg in total) and myself (98.5kg) and I started my hiking bearing about 103.5kg on my foot! The last time I went hiking to such altitude was back in my Wataniah training and this one, is really random and no mental preparation at all.

I don't know which way to follow. I don't know how high is it. I don't know HOW FAR is it. I climbed and climbed. I hiked and hiked. Many times, I almost give up and wanted to turn back. Then I remembered when I was back in the boot camp. How I were pushed and tortured but remained confident and never give up. I continued.

On the way up, I met some hikers as well, I asked for direction and they always tell me this: "Oh, very  near only. Another 2 curves you're gonna be there!". But thank god they "lied" to me. LOL. It is NOT AS NEAR AS IMAGINED.

I started approximately 0930 hours and I reached the peak at 1111 hours sharp. I did it non-stop and it's really a long long hike for a person like me who had not been in training to do this kind of hiking. I can only motivate and motivate myself all way up the road.

Finally, I am standing right at the peak of the mountain. I feel that,  it is not a waste that I went for Wataniah training that trained me not to give up no matter what; and, I was wearing my Taekwondo pants too. It gives me another boost of energy.

This is the proof I'm standing on the peak of the mountain and the proof why this is the only picture I took today. LOOK AT THE HAZE!

I AM PROUD OF MYSELF TODAY! Even though I might not feel my legs tomorrow morning. XD


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Great!! I also proud of you~! Keep it up kay? make 95 ur target, then only 93,91 --- =)

buttercup said...

Chad: hahaha! thanks thanks! Arigato! naw, i plan to aim at 80-85 straight. hahaha.

H@n W31 said...

hehe.. giv up la.. fat guys owns!!

buttercup said...

Han Wei: LOL! don't speak for yourself! XD!!!!

Brobeary said...

Hey if you are going to loose weight =) i am with yah . then we go to a beach one day and show our results yah

buttercup said...

yo! lol! I tot that was a girl's name! XD!

but defintely i can't be as built up as you. I'm still trying hard to maintain my weight >.<! but yeah, we'll try! thanks Kit!

nn said...

wow! what a n achievement!! :D good job!

buttercup said...

haha!Thanks NN!

rachel said...

very funny post kenny =)

ButTeRcUp said...

haha.. funny meh? i tot it supposed to be motivational + serious? hehehee!

Mins said...

Wah lau. Kenny. O_o

Most people go jogging when they feel inspirational.. or maybe a nice short walk in the park. You leh, go climb mountains pulak.

Is this the same Baiyun Mountain in Guangdong ?? That's about 1600 meters according to Wikipedia !

WTF u just simply go hiking liddat without even knowing how high it is ?? U lucky u didn't fall off a cliff or died like that Yoshito Usui mangaka.... LOL ! =)

buttercup said...

LOL. no no. not tha tone! it's another Baiyun mountain in WuZhou, Guangxi. Small place though. Don't think it'll be in Wiki.

It used to be an anti-air military fotress some 90 years back.

Kristin said...

Wow.. beautiful mountains.. :-)

buttercup said...

Hey Kristin, thanks for dropping by and thanks! HEHE!

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