Thursday, September 27, 2007

Plans Jeopordized

Seriously, I hate you supplementary papers. No, I should say that I hate myself for not being able to have a complete control over myself when it comes to studies.

This semester is really something challenging for me because I've accidentally flung 2 of my papers and now am preparing for them in days to come. Being honest sometimes really don't guarantee you much in the future.

I'll be a real good boy next semester. I know I've been like saying this for the nth time but, it's really the time already. Bless me.

So much of my holiday plans... Never mind. I'll redeem everything next year! I WILL! Watch me.


porcupine said...

Supplementary papers has pawned Buttercup's head for 235 gold!

Buttercup the Botak (level 6) has fallen...


buttercup said...

ah... great! this one really applied damn kao well! but 325 golds means it's alr level higher than 16 d rite?

UTAR's owning.. great. It'll never happen again. NEVER.

U really fit this in damn well!

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