Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lucifier, The Doom Bringer

Even the notes itself also "NIACIN" (NIA SING)....

The third paper has just passed today and I wonder how much I can actually score. I know that I didn't put in enough of effort all these while but I really am regretting.

My vows, my promises and so on just slipped away again, again and again without me realising how bad am I not holding onto my promise. Naruto won't do that.

I am really regretting all these. I just hope for mere pass for all the subjects and I want to be a new leaf, which will lead my life differently from holiday onwards.

Just let me pass this time... I beg...
And I just like to see this girl in smashpOp's pictures... But now, she's married. See how she trashed her own gown...

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