Monday, August 06, 2007

Summary For 2~3 Weeks

Finally I'm able to update. It took me like... errr... 2 or 3 weeks to update? Yeah, thanks to the connection. Well, recently has been very busy and things are all scrambled up. SRC meeting will always lasts till 9 or 10pm every Monday and Thursday class till 8pm.

I've been skipping Taekwondo for about 1 and a half month already. It's not the normal me. But i know, all these will come to an end very soon.

See this pic...

and this one. A little different focus shows different result. Which one do you like?

I like this one as well. It became this after she edited. Not bad also.

Opps, I did it again.

Oh see this Roti Cheese? So so so nice!!! So much cheese! Get it at Steven's Corner while stock lasts!

CCTV in a bus, IN MALAYSIA??! Wow! That's high-end tech here man!

This is the birthday cake of one of my friend. Guess how much is this? It's a RM 400 Mango Cheese.

Finally yesterday was able to get some time to start back my training. But, due to some unforseen circumstances, I injured my leg. I would consider it kinda bad, for someone who's like me.

Anyway, time to train my army to fight back Lord Finals again. By the way, CNC3 is not bad. But I still prefer Zero Hours.

This is the table setting for her birthday. Nice.

Wake me up when September ends*....

*Final ends when September ends.


AlbertBishop said...

botak pic best!
The first watch pic better. mayube coz 2nd pic the watch not blur enough and the background not focused enough

buttercup said...

swt... hahaha! i'm using onli sony ericsson w810i... not dslr. ahaha! thanks!

ShinD said...

hey, the cake cost RM400?????

buttercup said...

yeah. it is 400 bucks!

Anonymous said...

Come on lah kenny, you know you can do it...

buttercup said...

haha.. i know i can. haha!

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