Friday, August 17, 2007

I Still Love You Malaysia

I woke up at 3am, getting everything done and went to school about 0420. Reached there about 0430 and there's no one in university. We were told that the bus will leave at 0500 but it was actually scheduled at 0515.

This is my uni's canteen at 0430

The SRC from FES

Do you know the "Slogan" this year?


Besides than Negaraku, the rest of the songs, none they known of. Just acting mumbling some words from their mouth

Malaysian's job. This car was supposed to be in a convoy but it can't be started when the convoy started to move.

Digiman from UPM.

Seriously, those ministers come damn blardy Malaysian timing whereby it's starting at only 0815 when the agenda is written starting at 0730. Making all of us wake up so early in the morning. Never mind. We went to KLIUC, the performance sucks bad. Never mind. And when they are giving sourveniers to participants, UTAR's not mentioned cause they didn't know that we were there.

So much of "grand events".


AlbertBishop said...

I lost my flag. Can you find it back for me?

buttercup said...

flag?? wat flag? haha! go buy one urself. it's only 20cents. cheap cheap! haha!

and frankly speaking, this post really sucks bad. sigh.. haha! all the best!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

why you so patriotic one???

buttercup said...

no lar. this event forced to go one. haha!

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