Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good Luck My Friends

I went to KLCC today after Japanese class, with Jun Xue. Went to きのくにゃ (Kinokuniya) to buy something and we watched Rush Hour 3. Sorry to keep you waiting Jun Xue >

Rush Hour 3 is not bad. Just that the ending is a bit too abrupt.

After the show had something with Jun Xue and then we had some talk. Same good ol' feelings. Thanks a lot buddy. Keep in touch and all the best to you.

Good ol' days huh pals?


Jun Xue said...

Nyahahah I can see Wai Loon trying to grab min soon's balls. LOL. Those were the days man, unfettered and without a care of the world. Lol.

The picture was taken at Wai Loon's old home right? What was the event ar? Can't remember liow. Lolx

buttercup said...

haa! yeap! i was taken there. it was errr. Min Soon's farewell. haha! must keep in touch ya!

Min Soon said...

Hate to admit it but me and wailoon look like a pair of lovely gay couples.

AGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DELETE THAT PICTURE !!

Jun Xue said...

Hhahah idiot min soon. Where have you been? Appear offline to stalk people?

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