Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chronological Event of the BERSIH 3.0 Police Car Crash (Final Update)

Disclaimer: The author of this blog does not take side in which, who should be blamed for the accident occured. The concern is to understand the whole chain of events; in hope that everyone do not come to a conclusion too quick.

This post is solely for this very incident, and does not represents the whole PDRM, nor the whole BERSIH.

Anyone out there with the truth how it all started?


Footages regarding the incident whereby a police car ran into a crowd. -Don't judge too soon, just yet.-


Read up the report from TheMalaysianInsider.


What started the attack?:
*We still don't have this part. Waiting for more footage to come in*


Right before the crash:

From another angle.

A frame-by-frame breakdown. The police/driver is alone in the car. Which makes the HELMET GUY in white/grey not a police who were said to be "another police who ran out from the car" as per reported by some sources.


At the crash site:

Another footage from above the roof.

Notice the HELMET GUY in white/grey shirt with sunglasses in 0:31. Later of this video, what the other yellow guys did to help the police at the moment, was the right thing to do. If they did not protect the police, maybe the headlines will way different from it is.

Here's an image to show that the white/grey shirt guy is not a police (Source).

However, there is this article saying that, he is preventing a protestor to hit the police and everything happened too quick. Read more


I came across another video that was compiled by BeliaKeamananMalaysia. However, the user disabled embed so you have to watch it yourself here on YouTube. Frankly speaking, this is one good compilation.

BUT, I find that the wordings that appeared throughout the video, is not quite neutral. Read on.

At 3:25, a screen with wordings came up. Even from the slow motion video, I failed to see how they can tell that this grey shirt guy is wearing a sunglasses (they are installing the perspective on viewers).

They did a good job for freezing at 5:03, of which you'll be needing in the next few lines.

In TheStar, the police/driver said he was hit in the head, and he can't remember anything after that.

1) Notice that in the picture (of the link), his head was stitched on the left hand side. In the videos that we all seen, if he meant that the guy in white throw something to him, he would be needing stitches on the right hand side of his head.

And FYI, it seems to be a water bottle to me, which did not hit the police but instead, flew over the roof of the car.

2) In the videos too, we can see that he constantly hit on the brake before crowds start rushing towards the car.

3) Also we can see that from the video, [picture] that the police walked out from the car, no blood, still conscious (maybe he's dizzy I don't know, but NO BLOOD). Judging from the picture in TheStar, that kind of bandaging, he should be bleeding like a fountain (or am I wrong?).

Of course, I don't reject the possibility that he is being taught to said so in the interview. God knows.

p/s: This video doesn't seemed to be manipulated, BUT, wordings seems to be misleading. I could be wrong. But it's time to rest my case.

This will be my final updates on this issue. What to believe, and what to see, you, will make the judgement yourself.


Don't judge too soon, just yet.


redlomo said...

wah... xsanggup tgk video untuk kali ke dua...

Anonymous said...

Good work.

IMHO, like u say, the police was not bleeding when he left the car. Police looked daze.. But I would say he was dazed bcos his head hit the steering or something during the collision. (that is why the airbag was out) I really doubt he was pengsan as claimed before the crash.

I am not saying the police intentionally drove into the crowd, but it is logical to conclude the police simply lose control/panicked when his car was attacked and drove into the people.


ButTeRcUp said...

ya, video ini memang mengejutkan.

definitely he did not run into those people on purpose. If he'd like to do that, he can do on the monkey who were jumping on the roof as well.

highly possible that he can't see a thing at the front while many flying objects distracting him.

Anyway, we couldn't be the one who make the call that who is right and who is wrong. I'm just trying to help people to understand that the police DID NOT, ran into people on purpose.

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