Saturday, April 28, 2012


An eventful day all over the world.


A day that all Malaysians will never forget. A day whereby the world is watching.

Although Malaysians are famous of Malaysian-timing, but amazingly, all of us arrived within the time frame given! I'm proud of all of you!

The crowd gathering at the Lumphini Metro Station, Sathorn exit. 

Suba being the organiser aka leader.

Getting ready. 


Distributing T-Shirt

Always can see her smile on the face. 

Photographers climbing high and low, up and down to get the best shot. 

Lining up to register attendance and sign petition. 

Signing petition. 

Happy to ge the BERSIH 3.0 shirt.

Crowd growing. 

Everyone sign! 

Your future is guaranteed! 

Suba doing some briefing. 

Whole family attending. 


Every moment counts. 

People chit-chatting... 

... and mixing around... 

... delightful mood... 

"Hello everyone! May I have your attention please?" 

March on. 

Sorry >.< Off focus

Crowd marching towards the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok. 

From a distance, we can see some people ready with all their devices and started snapping photos. 

Finally, we are here at the Embassy of Malaysia, Bangkok! 

Officer listening. 

Royal Thai Police helped us a lot! 

As the crowd marching towards the entrance of the Embassy of Malaysia. 



Joe and his posters. He made a lot of posters. Thank you very much! 

This uncle purposely flew to Bangkok to attend BERSIH 3.0! 

Sharing opinions. 

Embassy of Malaysia. 

... and experiences. 

Interview session by the Royal Thai Police. 

Here we stood, in front of the Embassy of Malaysia in Thailand. WE DID IT! 

Updating live. 

Suba updating the crowds regarding the chain of events happening in Dataran Merdeka. 

Group pictures. 


Our heroes marching towards the entrance of Embassy of Malaysia. 

All the "media"... 

... and "press"... 

Historic moment. 

Behind the gates... 

.... conversation took place with with the Second Secretary of Embassy of Malaysia, En Mohd Yusoff Meerajadin. 

Malaysians in Thai, you might need the contacts just in case of emergency! 

Rally ended. 

The Memorandum had been successfully handed over at the Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok and the rally ended peacefully. #BERSIH 3.0 BANGKOK adjourned.

We all know one thing for sure, a change will come.

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