Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Star Fruits Hunting

Perhaps majority of you had already knew, that it's the last few weeks I'm here in China. After CNY, I'll start to rock Thailand with my passion and hotness. LOL.

Here's a little bit of scribble for the recent star fruits hunting and annual dinner with my staffs.

1. We went there quite early... it's a long muddy road.

2. What's waiting for us behind the fence?

3. Our guide/owner of the farm guiding us...

4. Look at the scenery!

5. This is where we "hunt" our star fruits. XD

6. Pop-up flash is needed.



9. I love this shot.

10. And this one too! 






16. Apparently, they celebrate a lot of events up here.




20. We went to owner's home to weigh the fruits we gathered, and paid. Then we go home! XD
*If you're interested, you can see the strawberry farm from last year here.*

21. Serious discussion it seems.

22. This stall's Wantan Mee is very nice!



25. Annual Dinner

26. A rare camwhore picture. I was actually showing my boss how to camwhore LOL.

27. After makan. 

Okay, in less than 14 days, I'm outta China. Mixed feelings. =S


littlepolaris said...

whether ur boss ask u or not also u will camwhore wan la... ahaha so vain =P

buttercup said...

YY: mana ada o~ LOL.. u more vain la.. XD me only 1% of you nia...

nylus said...

waaa.. 9 and 10 so awesome..

buttercup said...

Thanks Nylus!!! <3 XD

chuck said...

hi hi , when u come back?

buttercup said...

hihi... me coming back end of this month XD

Super 99 Solutions said...

i love the 19th shoot...

buttercup said...

Hey JC, thanks! XD

Anonymous said...

No 9 is a beautiful picture.

buttercup said...

Thanks a lot Alessandro!

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