Monday, February 01, 2010

Strawberry Harvesting in WuZhou

Last Sunday, I visited some local farms with my colleagues. We planned to pluck some tangerins and also some strawberries.

We travelled about half an hour from the center of WuZhou itself to the farm. Amazing temperature for winter, it was about 25 degree Celcius that day and the sun was hanging bright and big in mid air. It was hot, but also, together with cold breeze taking the heat away from our body.




4. Tangerins. But we didn't get pluck any tangerins because they just sprayed some chemicals on them. = (

5. So... We moved to the next farm...

6. Did a lot of farming in Farmville? This is a real Strawberry Farm!


8. While I was plucking, my cousin took my dslr and shot me harvesting strawberries

9. Tear of joy. XD!


11. Cousin brother

12. Happy farmer

13. Harvest. See no smiles on their face. TOO HOT. LOL!

14. See those strawberries? Sweeeeeeet~

After plucking the strawberries, we decided to go to another farm, where they grew fish and ducklings. It is really amazed how they had made their planning so well and some of our farmers back in Malaysia lost to their design and layout.



17. Makan time!


19. Happy Feet.


21. Back at home timed 14:30, we enjoy our harvest.

22. They came in many sizes and shapes.

23. And they are all SWEET for real! Those from Cameron Highland boleh buang!

24. Picture of the day: Mother and son

Okay. That's all about it. Gotta get ready to go to Panyu (番禺) tomorrow. No pictures will be taken from Panyu as it is a rushing business trip. Ja ne~


Wingz said...

see? u still got it!!! nais!

ck said...

>.< u make me wana eat strawberries nw

teateatea1234 said...

我喜歡用心經營的blog~ ^^.........................

buttercup said...

hahaha... my wife not yet rusty nia. but me rusty alot lioa. ahhahaa thanks!

Go buy la. Jusco near near nia. lol!


buttercup fansi said...

of course la sweet...use shit to harvest wan ma...hahaha
but seriously i like ur photos..take k bro =)

Gypsy On The Move said...

I miss you kenny. Faster come back! =)

buttercup said...

miss ya too! lol! will you be in klang?

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