Sunday, February 28, 2010

Helper Had Arrived!

Oh, I took this picture while I was back in Malaysia but I forgotten to post it up. Because it is sooooooooooo beautiful to me and I can no longer resist not to post it.

I know and I knew how hard is it to do self-potrait alone and hence, I decided to get a helper today. I had been to 3 major shopping malls in WuZhou but I could not locate my desired helper anywhere. I put all my hope on the last one -- WuZhou's digital mall.

After hours of searching, I failed. I dragged my heavy legs slowly out from the digital mall. "How could a big digital mall only sells computer stuffs and NOT camera equipments?!", I thought. Just when I almost give up, something caught my attention.

The only one, and THE LAST ONE AVAILABLE. Immediately I fell in love with it. Although it is not as tall as I wanted, but it stands at a maximum extension of 1.53m! WF Series Tripod WT 3730 weight a little heavier than my FREE tripod. It weighs about 1.22kg (this is gonna be a problem for me to bring it back to Malaysia - excessive weight) and it costs only RMB 170.00!

Another good reason why I like this tripod is because of the shoes.

I have no need to worry too much on uneven grounds because it is flexible to move around and stand firm.

 Okay, done shooting the potrait of my new tripod, it's now my turn. With this tripod and my previous one, now I can do more.

Just in case you guys want to know, I'm firing my flash at 2 different zoom - 24mm and 105mm.

This way, it gives me better control on how the light is being narrow down without me doing any modifications to my flash unit.

I took quite a few shots but I'm only gonna show you three now. Do leave your comments. = )

And this, is my personal favorite.

*Many many many attempts before I got this one. Even though not as good as what I've expected, but, boleh tahanlah!


duo said...

ur personal favourite pic i think is the best d. the other two gg . lol. honest comment, kyakyakya

H@n W31 said...

the dark figure that lurks in china.. scary.. XP
i like the 2nd pic.. haha

buttercup said...

honesty is the best policy. Thanks!

Han Wei:
scary ar.. lol! no ghost le.. jsut me! XD!

Anonymous said...

muahaha..1st time comment on ur blog
ok honestly wanna say this long time alr..
kenny, u become 宅男 alr la..
taking photo alone in room...
haha..step out from ur room or house..
go out ..dun fb liau..
btw last pic effect not bad..
but it will be better if ur body nicer..haha

from Tat

buttercup said...

LOL! i terpaksa become 宅男 le... no ppl want me. china not safe! lol!

let me try to kiam pui k? lol! then i take again! hahahaha.

Wen-Dick said...

Flash effect ar this all?

Haven't know how to use it ler..
All I ever try was using Auto.. ETTL all the way with the flash =(

buttercup said...

haha. yeah. so camera you know how to use manual liao, flash u know liao? haha. start reading the user manual again! lol!

anne said...

not bad wei..

buttercup said...

harlo~ haha.. thank you!

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