Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Winter Fog

It's about 0 degree Celcius in the morning. I woke up like usual, open my laptop and start to Facebook. Suddenly I noticed something's different. I rubbed my eyes.

I stood up immediately and grab my dusty wife. The winter fog gave me and my wife an orgasm right away. *My wife is Sony A350 okay? Dun think so much*

1. OMG FOG!! 

2. I was trying to show you guys I'm breathing vapour through my mouth and nose but failed =(

3. A morning potrait =D

4. I just love the blue in the sky

5. Snap this while I was walking. My hands started to get cold...

6. ... and then numb....

7. ... and numb-er. 

8. This sky actually very very nice if you see it with naked eye.

Sadly enough, my lense has got too much dust (I hasn't really been shooting for quite a long while already), and I totally forgotten about my CPL filter. Sad. Next time I shall remember.

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