Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you know that you actually killed more people than you thought? 你是否知道,你杀的人比你想象中还要多?

Few days ago, a guy named Alvis Kong (Alviss Kong) suicided after he left a note on Facebook. There were a big hoo-haa and I can safely say that a lot of the chinese communities shared the suicide notes all over the places.

And then more people shared. And still, sharing.

Just recently AGAIN, another guy too, left a note on Facebook again, and plan to suicide on the 15th December 2010. Do we even realised how powerful are these kind of influence to people who does not have a strong will?

Let's go back to animal abuse at first. People shared the first video on the net. Then somewhere on the Earth came another video. Then another. Then another. Another and another. This is a never ending story because we who shared those videos, [we might be scolding those people BUT] actually encouraging the act of animal abuse. It's what we called as adverse effect.

The same effect takes place when we sharing news about somebody suicide. ESPECIALLY, on how detailed they suicided. It makes people learn.

Perhaps, when you choose to suicide for sure, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DONT DO THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Jump off a buidling - you will probably shattered every single organ in your body.
  2. Medications - you will probably screw up your liver and kidney so badly.
  3. Injections - you will pollute your own blood a lot and followed by destroying all the other organs. 

Now, why am I giving examples of these few? Because when you did any of the 3 (or more), your blood and organs cannot be used anymore! Come on! Before you suicide, please do some good here and suicide at those places itself whereby they can immediately take out your organs so that you can still contribute to the world even after you die. At least drain your blood dry in our Blood Bank!

Be selfish no more, and STOP SHARING THOSE VIDEOS OR NOTES. You're just as good as the mastermind behind their suicides.


不久前,有一位名叫Alvis Kong (Alviss Kong)的男生在 “面子书” 上留言后自杀。这件事情马上在华社里激起了一阵的轰动。

他自杀的最后留言在网上不停的传,传了又传,传了再传... ...

今早像往常上了 “面子书” 游览,又看到另一位男生要自杀了,计划死于2010年12月15日。他跟Alvis一样,“面子书”上留言后打算自杀。你们是否知道,当我们将这些负面信息分享出去时,多少个有类似想法的人会被影响?

回到前些日子,有人上传了虐待动物的短片。过了不久,世界各地上传了种种的虐待动物短片。当让,我们之间很多人不服气。 “我在传这些短片的时候我都是骂他们的!”,你可否想过,多少人一样也骂了那些虐待动物的人还有Alvis Kong,为什么负面被人家骂的事竟然还是会有人继续做?



  1. 跳楼 - 这样会使到你身体里面的内脏粉碎,九死无生。
  2. 药物 - 这样会让你的肝脏和肾脏过于操劳而损坏。
  3. 打针 - 不止内脏不好,也将血液污染了。



anne said...

自杀只是一念之差... sigh.

Chelle said...

It's true.... Sighh... ppl nowadays, i really dont knw wat's on their mind. What's the use of suicide n wat's the use of spreading the news? Why not just be more positive?

buttercup said...


ya lo. that's the thing I don't understand why too. Hope government takes things more serious here too.

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