Saturday, November 20, 2010

Over the long shot

No particular meaning. I just like the colour. 


sugarmouse said...

hey there, just randomly stumbled upon your blog and found it quite amusing that it's called "heaven of broken english" can i ask why it's named so? :D lol

ps: that is a pretty (colorful) picture.

buttercup said...

Hey Sugarmouse... haha. Thanks for dropping by.

Oh well, before I started blogging, I write in really terrible English (and still am LOL). So when I was about to name this blog, I got a hard time giving it a name.

Then, my english scores gave me an idea. LOL. And,ta-da!

sugarmouse said...

i'm genuinely surprised... your english seems fine (: or maybe that just means you've improved tremendously! GO YOU :D :D keep on keeping on!!

and thank you for coming `round mine (:

buttercup said...

LOL.... I might have improved a little, but when I myself looked back at what I first posted, I laughed at myself LOOL.

Good day to you Sugarmouse! =D

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