Sunday, November 28, 2010

5th Trip to Hong Kong

Though it's a 5th one, still a business trip. LOL. Managed to spare some time to go around Hong Kong.
1. On the way to GuangZhou before transit using train into Kowloon (HungHom) directly. Due to ASEAN Game, there's 2 roadblocks spontaneously. Nothing like this happened before in my trips to Hong Kong. 

2. Yau Ma Tei station. 

3. Recently, dSLRs changing from the traditional black into other colours.

4. Forgot what street was this, it's night shot!

5. I dropped by this shop to have a taste on this Ginger Steamed Milk. Teh Halia is better. 

6. Sometimes, an "End" is the end for others. To me, it's an opportunity to start again.

7. People told me that there are a lot of things to eat in Temple Street, I thought it was our Pasar Malam style, who knows it's like this.

8. A lot of things to see in Temple Street.

9. And are colourful.


11. I noticed this. Immediately have this de javu feel from Rush Hour.

12. Passed by this shop, but didn't try out the Lou Poh Peng.

13. Instead, I bought these. Ham, Lotus and Butter bun as dinner.

14. I thought this Butter bun won't be nice, I was wrong.

15. Next morning, about 6.20am I finally get to see what is it like outside the tiny window from Dorsett Seaview Hotel.

16. Then I noticed the wall is quite nice too. 

17. After preparing, I went to Starbucks in Haikou for breakfast. Cranberry tastes good! 

18. Not forgetting my love, Green Tea Frappuchino.

19.  I was supposed to meet someone in SheungWan at 11am. I reached about 1.5 hours earlier. No choice, went to Starbucks right across the street again to take this Bacon & Cheese so that I can get to sit down and use the Wi-Fi so that I can kill some time. 

20. SheungWan

21. Suddenly, this dog appeared.

22. The master ordered it to stay outside while she went and buy coffee. 

23. Very obedient and beautiful dog. 

24. Street shooting in Tong Lo Wan. 

25. Mini Van station. Went to visit my Taekwondo master and madam. 

26. Joel

27. ... who just got up and crying. LOL. 

28. Jeannie

29. Ian


31. Went to dinner with Sir, Madam and family. 



34. Scrumptious meal! Thanks Sir! 

35. After dinner, we got some dessert from here.


37. "How can you miss it?"

38. Of course I can't! Yummy!!! 

Well, that's about my trip this time. Hope I have got time to go Hong Kong for a good visit just some day.


Bite Bite said...

nice pics. i haven't been to HK for more than 7 years.

think i should pay it a visit after seeing the pics you posted.

buttercup said...

Bite bite:
hahaha... you should! but i can bet with you the hotel rates are more expensive!! it's killing me during the past few days! LOL.

modern viking vixen said...

great pics. what a trip!


buttercup said...

haha! thanks!! well, it's a business trip, doesn't have much time to tour around. haha.

F5- Ah Fang said...

boss nice picture ah. bila nak ajar saya ambil?? :P

buttercup said...

Ah Fang:
LOL.. if we got chance meet up, make sure u bring ur camera along ar! HAHA.

Gypsy On The Move said...

It's just plain cruel for you to post the egg tart picture. Very cruel of you. T___T

buttercup said...

LOOOOOOOOL... I thought it's lovely act for u to recall back the taste and so on..

Ah, so much love~ lol.

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