Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy came to visit

A few days ago, mom came down to WuZhou to visit me. It was supposed to be a 3-day trip, but due to my aunt passed away on the day my mom came here, the trip was shorten. Only a few shots taken.

1. Brought mom to a tea shop, they sold home made Gui Ling Gao




5. Mommy was sicked though.

6. We had tea too.

7. Blocks of Liu Bao tea leaves (六堡茶)



10. Took a shot outside the shop.

11. Then we visited YuanJiang. Shot taken by boss.

12. Later of the day went to another shop selling GuiLing Gao. 

13. They have all kinds of combinations of Gui Ling Gao.

14. Last but not least, mom dropped by my working place.

p/s: RIP 2nd aunty.

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