Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's a feast. =D

If you don't know, I was kind of sick for the past few days (more than a week) and hence, I did not eat at my supplier's place. Like usual, I took bread for morning, skipped lunch and for 4 nights in a row, I had maggi for dinners.

I am finally better today. And I treated myself much better today. Take a look at the last few pictures for a clue of what I had today for dibrunch (dinner-breakfast-lunch). Yes, I was too tired that I skipped my dinner yesterday too.

*All the pictures are straight from the camera. Except for picture 17 with a small crop*

Now, let's talk less and see some pictures I took from last weekend.
1. Look at the blue sky

2. Don't know why I like this picture

3. Did you notice the small white dot in the middle? That is... the Moon.

4. Look at that beautiful sky! And the Moon again! 

5. Oh, I think this is my best shot in this post. Haha. See the bokeh at the back!! Love it! 

6. Some kind of weird fruit/seed

7. It looks like red corn. 

8. I travelled to this place, hoping that I can get to shoot some lotus. Guess I'm like 3 weeks earlier. 


10. I can't stop shooting the sky. 


12. Before I go back, I went and stopped by the road side for a bowl of Wan Tan Mee. RMB 5.

And here's pictures I took today  =D

14. Went to San He Sushi

15. While waiting, I started to snap. Perfect weather for shooting.

16. This is the trisaw in WuZhou

17. Side view


19. Why so many people gathering at that corner? Selling cheap clothes. Illegally. 

20. Here's another thing I don't like about them here. That taxi can just stop right in the middle of a T-junction and pick up customer. 


22. Then... another two Ah Bengs came. 

23. They did the same standing at the same spot for quite some time. 

24. Noticed what is at the background? 

25. Sake

26. I ordered this. It was bigger than expected. 




30. And also Salmon Rice. Yummy!

31. CINEMA! I went and have a look at it. Only got 5 movies on the play. And each ticket is RMB 30!! Perhaps I should try to buy the ticket and see how is their cinema just one day. 

It's a feast today. Oh, I went to McD at the opposite to get my dose of vanilla milkshake. Am a happy man. =)


nylus said...

num. 5 is beautiful!

oh.. how i missed taking pictures of flowers :(

buttercup said...

Thanks! haha... It actually took me about 3 days to watch that bunch of flowers before I really decided to shoot it.

Yeah. Shooting is love! Go go!!

Esther said...

crap you. i only had porridge today so thanks for making me drool with your yummy looking japanese food!!!! summore so upclose! :(

i like #3! why the moon so early one. what time was it?

buttercup said...

LOL. I decided to revenge on Paul a bit ma. LOL.

Thanks. It was taken at 9:09am! XD

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