Sunday, March 08, 2009

UTAR Fashion Night 2009

UTAR Fashion Night 2009 had ended successfully! Congratulations to Elle and her committee members!

I was invited as "Special Guest" photographer! Wooot! Damn proud can? I got shocked when I saw my name under "Special Guest". HAhahaha!

And besides than the earlier few pictures, the rest of the pictures onwards I'm using a Minolta 50mm F1.7 prime lense and shooting in RAW! Thanks to Hao-Wei, I'm addicted to RAW and expecting to spend another RM1k in near future.

Now, let's talk less and let the event begin!

1: "How come he want to shoot me one?"

2: But in the end also she still pose for me. Haha! She's a cute girl. Anyone know her name?

3: Registration in progress

4: Krystal



7: See how sweet is her smile?

8: Lay Theng & Sih Han

9: The Girls

10: The Guys


12: "Let me meditate first.."

13: Elle's giving her speech






19: Renee a born model

20: "I'm a happy man! I don't know why I'm so happy!"

21: I like this too. Feels like a mag cover. Hahahaha!


23: Tyra Ooi & Tyra Yeoh!

24: "I dance till one side of the glasses drop. Geng or not?"



27: Observe



30: "Well done"

31: OH! I like this shot too! See the background? It makes me feels like I'm in Paris's street! Got that feel or not got or not?!

32: Kit Leu

33: Benjamin


35: Kelvin

36: Krystal & JiaQi

37: My favourite shot of the day!

There are too many shots already and I lazy to upload all. To see all of them, kindly visit link 1, link 2 and link 3. Arigato~


Marilyn said...

hey 1st time to drop by ur blog, nice blog!

but wat interesting me is u seem interested in the gal in tis 1st photo in tis post, lol, she's my classmate XDXD

buttercup said...

Tahnks for dropping by! haha! she's your classmate ar? lol!

just see her cute ma. ahaha. she can be good model cos she's photogenic. got pairs of good eyes and a good smile.

elle said...

she's my hsemate, kenny!

buttercup said...

aaaaaaaaaaa! OMG! why suddenly like everyone also know her one?! LOL!

actually when i put this, I tot no ppl know and I won't be getting a reply. Mana tau all know! AaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaAAA! Paiseh! LOL!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

I like number 18, 21 and 27 =)
AHAHAHAHA! Kenny, just admit lah you wanna know the girl in picture Number 1.

elle said...

i purposely ask them put u in special guest^^

surprise? hehe.

thx 4 ur help n hope u enjoy urself tat night too =)

buttercup said...

Thanks! haha.. make new friends ma~ ahahahaha! cannot meh? =p

yeah. i was surprised! haha! i did enjoy myself very much! thanks!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

picture number 21, 27 is nice ;p
And Lay Theng is a pretty babes!
Not forgetting your No. 1 ;p

Anonymous said...

no#1 is cute,
but until now no1 is actually her cup of tea ahahaha...
guys around the corner try ur best
lol...n gudluck


MyKy said...

The girl in the first pic damn cute leh!!!
Is she still single?

buttercup said...


haha.. sure hard to guess who you are!

haha.. i duno too. you ask her la. haha! but based on the comment by anonymous, should be a no gua. haha.

marccus said...

omg.. look at the eye in pic #2 >.<
Kenny don't get electrocute, haha XD

buttercup said...

aaaaa! haahahahaha! you're a funny guy!

MyKy said...


I don't remember posting a comment here.. why is my account posting here...

I just only wanna say the pic 23 totally killed the mood but, wtf..

OMFG.. someone's using my account...

buttercup said...

LOL! you sure did post a comment here.. it's just so like you. hahahaha!

MyKy said...

No way man... last night 1am i slept ady la..

Samuel said...

kenny! plz concentrate on the event!

stop shooting other gal picture! :D


buttercup said...

LOL!!!! hmmm.. you sleepwalk?

blek. i like. hahaha!

MyKy said...

in any account, can i steal some pic to post in LYN? :w

buttercup said...

hhaha.. hmmm.. link back to here lo >< but don't have bad comments that spoil the models ya >.<

loon said...

picture 35, smoker?

who is leu phei see? pretty leh =D

picture 23... ugh... "Beauty and The SHIT" lolz. no offense

who is elle? pretty also leh... hehe

newspaper clothes! lolz!!

the best picture for me is number 8... the girl sih han... her smile is very sweet..... single?

buttercup said...

pic 35, he smokes or not i dunno.

and i just knew her name is Pui See, she's a model on Padini billboard.

pic 23 is the best ok? lol!

elle is the organising chairman for this event lo.

haha... she's taken. too bad for you!

MyKy said...

oh la la... with such pictures, won't have bad comments wan..

buttercup said...

haha.. gimme those links ya!

MyKy said...


don't stalk me!!

buttercup said...

zzz. nobody interested in stalking you. haha.

althena said...

The girl in pic 2 looks like Rachel...

MyKy said...

u never know man..... now i gotta watch wat i said in LYN. I can't post in Cupid's Corner anymore...

Imagine like, a dude comes up to me and say "Kinwai... i saw wat u posted in LYN..." and that evil grin.


buttercup said...

>.< little bit only la~

o.O! you sure did lots of bad things in LYN. hahaha

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