Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 Days In Singapore

Howdy! I'm back! Yeap! Just got back from Singapore and here I am, sharing some pictures with you guys~

Now, it had been almost 18 years since I last took a flight, and 18 years since I had visited Singapore. Definitely, this trip is something that is really eye opening for me, together with the excitement I got in the flight!

Boss sent me up there alone to assist our partner in Singapore in selling one of the product. I only have a little idea how is an interior of an airport is, and, what I should do in order to get on to the plane.

And, I began my journey to the South.

1: The Boarding Pass. And I thought it SHOULD BE something more high-tech


3: Tiger Airways

4: I got a shocked when I pulled out the mag

I really enjoyed the moment the plane started to accelerate, and took off, going directly into the clouds. I enjoyed the G Force being exerted onto my body. I feel like, I'm flying! And I can also see that, how important is a pilot. He's responsibility is very very big. The flight lasted about 50 minutes.

5: The clouds aren't nice that day. Was raining.

So, like I'd said, I was enjoying the whole process. I kept on looking outside the window, to see if I can spot Superman doing his thing and so on, this air stewardess came by and asked me to fill up the Immigration Card. Half way filling through the card, the Captain spoke.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is you Captain speaking. Please prepare for landing. We hope you enjoyed your flight with us. Thank you."

o.O!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!? I just only sat down, looked outside the window, and it just felt like 10 minutes had just passed and, PREPARE FOR LANDING?!!? WTF WTF WTF man! I can't believe myself, until, it really landed. It was waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast for 50 minutes. Haha! Stupid me.

Once I landed, Grace, one of my colleague in Singapore came and picked me up. She brought me to East Coast Park to look at the beach.


7: "You & I Both"


9: This is the err.. I forgot. I called it, "Eye of Singapore". LOL!

10: Oh, did I mentioned that, I actually bought my FIRST PERFUME from Changi Airport?

So, there was nothing much on the first night so I went out to scout for dinner and walk around.

11: This one costs me S$1.80. Yeap, I can get 2 to 3 cans here.

12: And this Fried Keow Teow really not nice. So SWEET! Hell yeah! It's sweet! And it's S$4!!

13: I think Malaysia have something like this.. but.. don't know if it is working or not


15: Majority of the people in Singapore obeys the traffic light. You see, Singapore if a fine country.

16: And Taxi is everywhere! It's somehow a waste of money if you buy car in Singapore you know? Accessibility together with MRT can let you travel the whole of Singapore!




After a while, I got back to the hotel and got some sleep.

20: "The road is never easy, as long as you don't stop moving, you'll reach the other end"


So after working, I went back to hotel and took a nap. My nap was long! I slept till 7pm man! Then I met up with Pei Sze, and she brought me to walk around. We went to makan first, of course.

22: Pei Sze







29: Thanks to Pei Sze for that luxurious meal!

30: We then took the MRT to Esplanade and took some pictures there, and on the way

31: The width of MRT is almost twice of the LRT in Malaysia. And the speed is sooooooooooo much faster, and guess what? It has 6 car every train while ours, only 2 =.=... No wonder human jam in KL la

Coincidentally, it is the Mosaic Festival in Singapore. It's something like the ermmm... something to do with musics and arts festival.

32: Taken at the Esplanade

33: The future casino

34: This is the Financial Hub of Singapore

35: One of my best shot in Singapore, the Esplanade




39: People from different places and of same interests met here in the Citylink to carry out activities

40: But when the night falls, it is also a home, for the homeless

It is Saturday by then! My cousin, Fei You came to Somerset MRT station and lead me to meet his parents!

41: Got a extra-dishes fried beehoon. Damn nice can?

After meeting with my uncle and aunt, Fei You brought me to Esplanade to see things that I missed out yesterday night.

42: The bus in Singapore is very clean, and the seat is very comfortable! And and! The TV and speaker is functioning! Not like ours, just the TV rack is still available. The Government should do something

43: Now, see the UFO-like building? That's their court.

44: Financial Hub in the day

45: And Financial Hub in the night




49: The Heart of Singapore. My cousin said that, Singapore invested millions of dollars to build this place.

We then got back to my hotel, I took a bath, and we headed towards the airport.

50: The ceiling will move automatically to adjust the lighting in the airport





After that, I went to checked in and prepare to go back to my homeland. Some of you might be awared of that, I Facebook-ed from the Changi Airport.

56: This is the PC i used

Look back at picture 56, notice the kid of the other PC? He is a pure evil. Really. He is LOA, and earlier, he was trying to get the PC working but failed, he started to slam the keyboard and mouse, saying "Shit! Shit! Shit!", continued by "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!". And his grandparents were just sitting by the side, doing nothing. If he is my son, I'm gonna give him a tight slap on his face and make him apologize to people around there. For real.

57: Flight was delayed, so I played with my camera again. And this is another fave shots of mine


Oh ya! Something that I almost forgotten to tell you guys! I realised that the seats in AirAsia actually MUCH better than of those in the Tiger Airways. Really much more comfortable! I am not lying! You guys should choose AirAsia man! Eh Tony Fernandes, got discount on next trip ka?


60: Malaysia, truely the Land of Cetak Rompak. "Now Everyone Can Dive"




64: I like this shot too!

p/s: Sigh... I can barely rest, and after unpacking things from Singapore, I need to pack things to Penang again. I'll be in Penang for 3 days again, from Monday to Wednesday. I want more rests... T______T


loon said...

wah, pic 44 and 45 REALLY got big difference lo....

44 got kenny, 45 kenny disappear alr....

very shocking...

word verification: HYMENaxe

gypsy-on-the-move said...

owh...i see that you've been to East Coast. The picture No. 9, it is called Singapore Flyer. It's awesome. And I love the shot on Esplanade!!!
And I cannot believe you have been into One Fullerton!!!

buttercup said...

Gorilla: zzz.... and you need more Biology class!

lol! Eye of Singapore! hahahahaha! Thanks thanks! And, i just walked in only, I din stay there. LOL!

Wen-Dick said...

Yeah la yea la...
All foods and buildings picture..
I hope some of them are delicious as I am planning to go there as well.
And what happen to all your lenglui picture..
Sure telan sendiri dy la? LOL! JK...
Anyway, was really kidding on the girl's picture.

I am more excited on buildings and foods..
=) Thanks kenny for briefing me on how is it like..
By the way, I know la Air Asia is better than Tiger...
Cause you're minat at those air asia stewardess than tigers de ma..
That's why there is none tiger's stewardess picture...
Right? =P
Regarding the ticket...
LOL! Except for Sinapore Airlines and Malaaysia Airlines.
Those low cost courrier cannot afford to use high class ticket la...
Unless you sponsor them la, Mr. Kenny full with vitamin M.

Jun Xue said...

Whoa I liek that night time picture!!! and the last picture!!!

Whoa you like go SIngapore to enjoy yourself only.. what exactly did you do there wor?

buttercup said...

haha... i din really take the girls lo. haha. cos i know my objective is different this time. the food really not nice. you can waste your money at western food restaurant rather than the chinese hawker stalls. and MUST pay a visit to Esplanade.

haha.. no time to enjoy lo. I got down there to work in a roadshow and gave some little trainign to the staffs in Singapore. and all those pics u see, i really squeezed my time to go around and see. was darn tired when i got back man! ahha!

chuck said...

I like pic 64 too. the best one from this post. my house just another side of this island o said...

I like shot 64, dang cun lah the framing, plus the lighting also superb..

buttercup said...

Chuck: haha.. thanks~

Tolanic: arigato~ I like your blog too! will drop by more when i have time!

herk ching said...

regarding the kid using the pc in changi airport, what u mean by LOA?
outdate liao me..
btw.. the pics look nice!!

Wingz said...

phuhh bro u can be sifu level liow wei!

buttercup said...

haha.. LOA means Lack of Attention! haha! arigato~

wah lau dai lou Wingz~ dun kid me la~ still learning le~ hahaha.

loon said...


i need more biologi for what??

buttercup said...

some human anatomy and physiology for your word verification: HYMENaxe.

loon said...

i know what is hymen

i'm typing it out because its funny... =_=||

but you din catch it


buttercup said...

zzz.. i caught it pretty well.. but not funny. lol! said...

Woah, the architecture in Singapore Airport is so modern. I didn’t know about ceiling until I read your blog. =)

buttercup said...

haha... that's what people told me la. lol~ hopefully i won't mislead my readers too!

and and.. how come u can get to travel so many places? >.< / Rei said...

wow, i love the last picture !

Anyway, singapore is a nice country, if there's chance u should spend more time for sightseeing there just to see how's life for s'poreans rather than for business trips ~

buttercup said...

Arigato gozaimasu Rei-chan! yeah.. that time schedule was damn tight. I can hardly squeeze some time out. Only managed to go to the Esplanade. maybe next time I go, i wanna go to Sentosa and so on!

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