Monday, January 29, 2007

Hand Stand By ButTeRcUp

Yes, you are seeing what you are seeing. Not and an upside-down picture but it is really a hand stand, by your ButTeRcUp!

This is my first hand stand, helped by Manosh

There, our Superman Manosh, doing knuckle-stand, also taught me how to do hand stand

Chun Wah doing a hand stand. He does helped me a lot too in advising me on how to do it

Doing split... But the moment the cameraman took it, I slipped

Three Man Standing

This is after training. In order to remember it better, I did a few more times

Hahahahahahahahah! Finally, I can do a hand stand on my own just after a half-an-hour training. I'm the MAN! Of course, mental strength and telling myself positive things really helps alot!

Hey kids, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Pictures shown above are done by highly trained professionals.

Thanks to Chun Wah and Manosh!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

First Time Shopping In Setapak

Well, finally we found out that why the connection is so slow in our house, thanks to P2P lor! Never mind about that. The main thing is, I can finally get back on the keyboard and start my blogging again!

Life's getting more challenging from day to day but still, I'm slacking here and there, living with goals BUT, lack of determinations. Easily driven away by distractions... Darn!

Here are some pictures I would like to share... Enjoy!

I just love blue skies

Wondering if one day I can soar up there...

Something caught my attention. The third one is not common in taxis

Looks real? It's just a head...

In Taman Melati LRT station

Night falls in Melati, Setapak

ButTeRcUp with M-16

ButTeRcUp with Styre Aug

Bought this for RM 42.90, with power of -3.0

dsfGuess how much I spent today on my shopping for daily goods, inclusive of that thing above? RM 130++... So damn expensive... I shall not shop that often. Next shopping : June 2007.

p/s: I've registered for Wartaniah, hopefully I can get to pass the medical checkup and I'll be a part of Malaysia reserve forces!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Big Crisis Is Coming Towards Me!!!! Help!!!

Guess what? I've never expected that I've got no place to train in my new place, Taman Melati Utama. I came to realised this today that, I had got no training ground!!!

I've search all over the places:

Carpark :- Too near to cars.

Gymnasium :- Too many people outside and inside, too close to swimming pool.

Open land :- A few blocks of people can see me training from their homes!

Darn darn darn!!! Guess where I trained finally? The corridor outside my house, 17th floor! This is no good man. I must start searching some other places instead of the corridor. Else, I'll fall!

男人食檸檬 之反擊

Quoted from Tequila@Dicky Blog:

男: 最好啦,我同班friend係o個邊,仲爭兩張"鄧",你係咪走架?



2.被包女星, 你又冇咁索。


Saturday, January 13, 2007

4 In 1

I’m so sick…(Thursday, 04th January 2007)

First of all, I would like to greet you guys with a very late greeting. Happy
New Year people! Well, I has got a good reason for that because I did not have any Internet connection at here, my new house, for now.

Today is the 3rd of January and we have orientation. It is almost the same thing as I heard during the first time when I joined UTAR for Foundation Programme --- BORING! In addition to that, I sick so badly, even now. I couldn’t concentrate well in the DK(Dewan Kuliah, neither Donkey Kong nor Drift King). I ended up coming out earlier and have my friend fetch me to clinic for a checkup.

Well, the clinic is so quiet, the doctor looked so young and guess what? I had to tell the doctor to give me what kind of medicine and it’s darn expensive!!! What she did was only checking my body temperature. I was found not having any fever but I feel the burning “passion” in my body.

After my medication, I went to bed and I woke up around 1630. Looking at the swimming pool, I felt a kind of attraction was pulling me there. And there I am, in the pool, having fever, sore throat and cold. However, I felt much better after coming up from the pool, just that, some muscles of mine are kinda tight as it has been a while since my last swim.

It seems that I’m skipping my Ice-Breaking session tomorrow. Alas… pity those girls can’t get to see ButTeRcUp the Great tomorrow! I don’t wish to… Hopefully I can get well soon by tomorrow so that I can have a good look at those chicks also. Haha!

Signing off, till then. By the way, good luck in what ever you do and do the best for what you’ve wished for! Gambade!

First Day Of School(08th January 2007)

Well, of course, in UTAR, it is always hectic like it was in previous years. Timetables given are different from the latest, following with those don’t-know-where-classrooms. Many new faces I saw today, as well as faces that are as old as National Service. I’m glad to meet them back at this campus.

Maybe I’m still simple-minded, I wished that there is no lecture on the first day itself but unfortunately, there were lecture classes. However, they have some TECHNICAL PROBLEMS with the PC so, THERE’S NO CLASS! Haha! How lucky!

It is a long story and I don’t know how to say it here but, I hope, I have the chance to be the course representative for Biomedical Science for this session, at least. It is a different type of experience being a leader in University as the way we handle things will be much different from what I used to do in school. Well, all the best to ME!

Oh oh! There’s one thing that you must know! Amazingly, most of them who are studying in my course are born at the year of the Tiger. Yes, 1986. 70% of us are born in the year of the Tiger! Tak tersangka ku there are so many Tiger and Tigress in my class.

Aiya! You guys know what? It is the first time that I didn’t notice pretty face in the first day of school. What I meant was, I didn’t look at them so I don’t know if there are any cun chicks around or not… Will explore more… perhaps… tomorrow?

Till then… signing off.

Here are some photos that I wanted to post so long ago. Enjoy...

Morning sky in Platinum Hill... Love it!

My settings in my room...

Lecture hall aka Donkey Kong

L - R: My cousins, father and brother in front of the Twin Tower

An insight of the souvenier shop after the visit at the Aquaria

Time for show!

Advertisements go any place, aren't they?

Tree of life

Yellow Belly Snake, it's belly always faces the sky

Here you go... Meet the real Anaconda

Guess how big is this frog? It is much bigger than my palm and fully gold in colour

Have you ever wonder how turtles rest their fins/legs/whatever when they are in the sea?

For those who read The Star last few Sunday, yeah, that's the guy!

Well, for those who are planning to go to KLCC Aquaria, please bear in your mind that it is super expensive! It is an eye-opener for kids, nonetheless.

MOLESTED!!!(11th January 2007)

As you can see, ButTeRcUp is kind of attractive. It was one day when he was giving out lab manuals to his coursemates when a guy, approached him, and touched his stomach. He thought it was an accident. He turned back to take more manuals and suddenly, a pat, on his backside.

ButTeRcUp knows that this guy is a gay but as he respects him, he kept quiet.

The following day, when ButTeRcUp was talking to his friends, *pat*! His chest was touched by the same guy, again. Well, not to offend, although I don't discriminate gays or lesbians, but please, do ask me if you want to TOUCH ME INTIMATELY! LOLz! If just normal touch fine but not that kind of touch!

If this guy ever come back again with the same thing, ButTeRcUp might have to do something...

When I Thought It Was A Whole New Chance... (Friday, 12th January 2007)

Finally I got to know some people in class. I'm getting more used to it now as days passed by.

Of course, related to my topic, got to know somebody. Trying my best to know more about this person and eventually I found out that she's not single. Alas, ButTeRcUp is on the search, again....
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