Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally after a 7-week long hectic work-all-days-include-weekends, everyone gets to rest on Saturday & Sunday.

Since I have got 2 good days to rest, I've decided to catch up the movies that I had left out lately.

1. The sky was clear and dark blue-ish. I went back for a bath and came back again in 20 minutes, it became like this. T_T 

2. This is the only part of the sky that is still blue-ish. 

3. Just to let you see how is the bus ticket look like in Thai.

On Saturday, I went for "Super 8" and "X-Men First Class". I must say that, I heard too many good reviews on Super 8 that, made me somehow disappointed in it. On the other hand, I think at least X-Men is worth the money.

4. Of course, I went for my brunch first before the movie. This is Burger King's Triple Outlaw, and yet, it's still small. Felt like I've got cheated. 239 baht. =( Oh well. Life goes on. 

5. The entry to the cinema. There are big comfortable sofas outside for you to sit while waiting for your movie to start. And I like the decorations a lot. 

After the movies, out of a sudden my shopping mood is on. This is VERY RARE! I bought 2 trunks for Krabi later next month.

6. Later of Saturday, when I am going home, I saw this. Immediately I took out my wife and start snapping. 

Today (Sunday) I have class in the same place. So I went back again. Today aren't as lucky as yesterday. It was raining heavily and I almost soaked up. After the class, I went and bought what I've struggled to buy or not yesterday.

7. Two trunks on the left bought on Saturday, the 5 shirts (the one that I'm struggling to buy) are in promotion BUY 4 FREE 1. One mouse on the top left corner, Harry Potter & the Death Hollow Part 1 plus two games. 

p/s: Let's hope I have time to game. XD


Esther said...

i'm looking forward to super 8 and x-men! maybe u too high expection izzit. lol.

eh, the burger looks quite tall, still small meh.

buttercup said...


LOL. Yeah my expectation was higher that it is because too much good reviews. LOL.

Yeah the burger is DAMN SMALL. T_T

Cygnet said...

Interesting blog! :)



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