Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally after a 7-week long hectic work-all-days-include-weekends, everyone gets to rest on Saturday & Sunday.

Since I have got 2 good days to rest, I've decided to catch up the movies that I had left out lately.

1. The sky was clear and dark blue-ish. I went back for a bath and came back again in 20 minutes, it became like this. T_T 

2. This is the only part of the sky that is still blue-ish. 

3. Just to let you see how is the bus ticket look like in Thai.

On Saturday, I went for "Super 8" and "X-Men First Class". I must say that, I heard too many good reviews on Super 8 that, made me somehow disappointed in it. On the other hand, I think at least X-Men is worth the money.

4. Of course, I went for my brunch first before the movie. This is Burger King's Triple Outlaw, and yet, it's still small. Felt like I've got cheated. 239 baht. =( Oh well. Life goes on. 

5. The entry to the cinema. There are big comfortable sofas outside for you to sit while waiting for your movie to start. And I like the decorations a lot. 

After the movies, out of a sudden my shopping mood is on. This is VERY RARE! I bought 2 trunks for Krabi later next month.

6. Later of Saturday, when I am going home, I saw this. Immediately I took out my wife and start snapping. 

Today (Sunday) I have class in the same place. So I went back again. Today aren't as lucky as yesterday. It was raining heavily and I almost soaked up. After the class, I went and bought what I've struggled to buy or not yesterday.

7. Two trunks on the left bought on Saturday, the 5 shirts (the one that I'm struggling to buy) are in promotion BUY 4 FREE 1. One mouse on the top left corner, Harry Potter & the Death Hollow Part 1 plus two games. 

p/s: Let's hope I have time to game. XD
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