Monday, December 25, 2006

I'll Do My Best, K?

As you know, my mom asked me to go back to Penang and visit my grandparents. I did have that intention, even without she telling me. I've planned very long ago but I also have the other thing in my hand, the new house.

"When can I start shifting my stuffs in?"

"Next week shouldn't be a problem."

*The "next week"*

"I've got a meeting to attend this week. We can't shift your things there this week already. We'll do it next week."

*another week*

"The meeting has been postponed. Guess we'll do it next week."


Mom, it is not my fault, neither what I want, that happened. I'm not also blaming that person who was forced to postpone my schedule. It is for his/her good as well. In order to make him/her grow and live better. I'm helpless. How can I get a ticket to Penang at these time? How can I go back to Penang while someone is keep on dragging on my time? I've even planned ahead that I'll rush back from my orientation and go to Penang, and rush back again to Klang the coming fortnight, providing that there's no extra activities from University in that two days.

I'm human. I'm warm-blooded. I'm not a cold-hearted guy. I know it is hard for you to see that I've promised you for weeks but I still here, in Klang. I'm powerless.

I'll do my best k?

People, I argued with my mom today, which happen extremely rare.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stupid Halo & Goddess Han Chae Young

It was Horng Tat's birthday that day. We went to Halo Cafe to celebrate. Guess what? It is expensive like hell! Let me give you a piece of advice, never go there.

Halo Cafe : Please come to eat in our restaurant. We guarantee you that you'll burn a hole in your pocket!!!

Let's forget about that. Introducing to you, Han Chae Young. She's pretty la! Haha! Accidentally saw her on 8TV on Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang and attracted by her. LOLz!

She's gorgeous, isn't she?

When I typed her name on the Internet, I also found out that "she" has a friendster account whereby, there's no Korean friend in it. Not only that, there's not even a pic that is taken by herself. All are downloaded from other sites. Hate that stupid faker!

Never mind. Here's some of her biodata:

Name: Han Chae Young

Origin country : South Korea

DOB: 13th September 1980(Not very far from my age right? I wonder if.....)

Hmmmm.... How I wish I really get to find her Friendster account huh?

Santa Claus: "Dream on, ButTeRcUp!"


Sigh... Is my requirement too high or what?!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Bottom Line

Someone is going through some heavy issues and needs your patience and support.

In Detail

Someone in your life is going through some heavy issues that you might not be aware of. This person's recent odd behavior could be leaking into your relationship and subtly -- almost subliminally -- affecting it in a very negative way. Let this person know that you are concerned, and give her or him space to realize the impact this behavior could be having -- don't be hasty with demands to shape up. Your patience and support are needed right now.

Above is quoted from the Friendster Horoscope for my zodiac. Is this kidding me or what? I know I am guilty but this is making me feeling real bad. He is always like that and I just can't stand him sometimes.

I know through out all these while, you might have spent hundred thousands or million on me but, I am a human, we are humans. We just need you to listen to what we have to say and CONSIDER them, not just hearing them. How I wish I could talk to you properly... God bless us.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Failed? You Must Be Kidding Me!

BuTteRcUp received a letter from his respective University, UTAR. It was written at the back of the envelope "Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation".

It was already opened and read by his parents. He took out all the letters and stuffs in the envelope. There are time table for next year's orientation, bla bla bla.

He then picked up the student bill and read thoroughly how much he'll need to pay in the next coming semester. Hmmm... RM 5121 for the first sem huh? "Ok..." He read further.

"Since you failed to complete the Foundation Programme, all fees paid for the above Bachelor Honours Degree course will be refunded."



It can't be! First of all, ButTeRcUp told himself not to fail anymore papers in the future. Secondly, UTAR normally takes about two weeks to mark and post the student's result on the web and it was only 4 days after he sat for his last paper. How can that BE?

He read again, with the heart pounding at 255 beats per minute.

"Should you fail to complete the Foundation Programme, all fees paid for the above Bachelor Honours Degree courses will be refunded."

"... ..."

p/s: Since I'm not at home, my mails always read by my parents. I just wonder, I AM JUST WONDERING, if, IF, any girls, who MIGHT just send me a love letter then how???

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Very Packed Two Days

Finally I get to blog from my home, using Streamyx, not the tortoise connection at my hostel. Hehe! Well, due to busy and tight schedule, there were so much things that I wanted to post about but I've already forgotten about all that! *sigh*

Here's some pictures from the last session which I supposed to post on :

Trio In A Bed

My spec.. It suddenly loosen when I was taking pictures with my roommates,and a day before my last paper! Luckily I got to fixed it in time

Never mind. I was at home on Friday. Wai Loon and I went to center and do some boxing after so long, with our brand new gloves. I managed to pawn Wai Loon with First Blood (YAY!) but still, he got me quite a lot of jabs into my cute round face. Here's some pictures wwe camwhoring after the sparring sessions:

Two meat balls posing... We know that we are fat but, we hope to post something different in 6 months to come.

Fuiyoh... got some muscles wo...

Wai Loon with his black gloves

ButTeRcUp with his red gloves

And I get to put my dogs' pictures on my blog already! Hehe!

There, meet Xuan Xuan, female

Here's the gentleman, Long Long

I realised that although I have one month holiday, I don't think I have the time to emjoy it. I seems to be packed and stuffed and crampped with tight schedules and some duties. I really hope to catch up with you guys out there ya! Keep in touch!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Countdown... Bye PJ

Yep! It’s my last night here. I started blogging from this very room, and I’ll write the last blog from this room. I wish to dedicate this to my roommates, JC and Wei Kuan, economy rice stall tauke, Andy, Millenium Court’s Assistant Manager, Shirlyn, and those people who I met in PJ. Thanks for making me grow. And I felt sorry to my San Shou Master, Alex, as I might not be able to meet him again in near future. But worry not, I’ll practice what I’ve learnt.

Last Wednesday and yesterday, I’ve taught 2 groups of people nunchaku. I’ve taught them all the techniques that I know. I’m kind of happy because, there are 2, out of 5 students(I know la not many people), are kind of talented. I hope they will pass down the knowledge to the next “generation” (this is due to my Master in UTAR didn’t really reveal much for students there and he showed me only a few techniques as well). For the both of them, Lai Kuan and Yen Yin, gambade! I know you both can do it and make my dream come true. As for Yin Yu, Xin Chi and Foong Yi, worry not. All you people need is some imagination and some practice will do.

After tomorrow, I’ll be moving into a new phase of my life. Out of pre-u life, and towards a real uni life. I somehow, started to feel the tense in myself, especially I can imagine the work load in Year 3 with 2 Final-Year-Projects to be done on time. Well, I’m ButTeRcUp rite? It shouldn’t be a problem for me.

I can’t wait to go back tomorrow, but, everything in PJ, will still be in my heart. I’ll bring you all along when I leave here ya! Muacks~~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

22 More Hours

View from my room. Going to miss this. Hopefully in my gf's place also got same view.

It was unexpectedly easy. I just wished that I did not read the questions wrongly. If I am sure that everything I wrote was what I wanted, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Days ago I already started to prepare for this paper --- Management Studies. It is a tough one for me because of the terms used and too many theories to remember. Minutes after minutes, hours after hours, I kept on revising, just for that. There are times where I felt so frustrated just by memorising those stupid names and theories. Now, I'm relieved. Everything has gone so well, so far. All I need to do now is to concentrate on my last paper, HTML aka Web Page Design. It shouldn't be a problem for me, I hope.

Hardwork pays off!

Count count and see, I realised that I'll be here only for another 2 more days. Not fully 48 hours though. It is kind of sad to leave my comfort zone where I'll have to adapt to new environment again. Yes, I am versertile. But still, I'm that kind of people who actually likes to stay in my comfort zone unless I feel threats or needs to venture outside. *Sigh*

Well, never mind about all that. It is a waste as one of my roommate, Wei Kuan was sicked, else, we are eating KFC. We went to eat porridge out of no choice. Later on when we went back to room, we took some pictures. Some are really stupid and some are funny but I am still unable to post those yet because I have not receive the pictures from them, yet. I'll do so when I got them k? Here are some that are not that errr.... attractive? Haha! Those are just for my memories k?

Wei Kuan, taking pictures of his new nunchaku which I helped him to get from my sir in UTAR.

Opps! Someone is getting naked! Half-naked ler...

JC and Wei Kuan were kind of stunned when I showed them videos of anatomy, by a German anatomist.

Dang!!! My specs! But luckily my roommate got screw driver for me to fix it back. Phew!

I'm going to miss you guys ya!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Stupid Exam!

WTF! WTF! WTF! Can you imagine that I re-write my essay thrice???? It consumed so much of my time during the paper! It is the worst essay writing I've ever encountered! Darn. But, thank God that I'm still being able to finished it on time. There's another 2 papers left, but, the real killing papers.

Yes, ButTeRcUp will do his best to score ya! Haha! Chaoz...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leaving Soon...

I didn’t really realize, it until today. I didn’t notice at all that, tomorrow is my final-3-alternative-days-war with Lord Finals already. Time flies. A nine weeks of studies just ended like that. Silently.

There’s so much for me to express. PJ, my room, my roommates, my coursemates, people, friends that I’ve made in here. I’m going to leave them by this coming Saturday. Amazingly fast.

Is this how am I going to end everything here? I grew a little here. I learnt a little about love. I learnt how to be more sociable, by a little. People here made me change, not forgetting my family who are 30-minutes away from me. Growing, getting older, more mature, more burden, more everything seems to be a part of my life, perhaps, our lives.

I feel weak, at times. Not being able to do anything to help the rest and sometimes, not being able to control myself from doing something that I shouldn’t have done. Lately, I think I’ve gained weight. I put all blames on tension. LOLz… I just keep on eating when I feel tense. This is not right isn’t it?

Well, let’s hope that right after this war, everything is back to normal. I just want to be me. Thanks everyone for being there.

Love ya’ all.
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